Stena has realized in Halmstad a major initiative in recycling technology: opening ceremony was on October 26

EERA would like to congratulate Stena with this major investment in recycling technology.

Stena has realized in Halmstad, Sweden  a major initiative in recycling technology: The opening ceremony was on October 26.



Rasmus Bergström is Managing Director of Stena Technoworld AB, Stena Metal Group’s electronic waste recycling company:

– Stena has been involved in recycling for over 70 years. At the same time, it is an industry of the future that will be increasingly important for the whole of society. We have seen a successive increase in EU requirements for recycling, across Europe. Building on the systems we already have in Halmstad, and adding newly developed technology, will enable us to effectively help the Nordic countries meet these requirements. Halmstad also has logistical advantages, as transport can be minimized for the benefit of the environment, he says.

What, specifically, are Stena’s plans for its operations and processes?

– In simple terms, one could call it a factory in reverse. Waste from industry and discarded products, such as refrigerators, televisions and cars, go in and raw materials come out. These are processed and sorted into different fractions that are supplied to manufacturers who use them for new products, says Staffan Persson.

– In practice, it involves manual and mechanical dismantling and sorting. It is both a “by hand” procedure, where a great material knowledge is required, and also an advanced, automated process where iron and other metals are separated from plastic, wood and other materials. That this can be done indoors, leads to cleaner processes, higher recycling rates and better quality end product - the recycled material, says Rasmus Bergström.

The WEEE department will be finished next summer (2017). On October 26, the opening cermony with a tour on the site.

  Facts about The Stena Metall Group, Stena Recycling and Stena Technoworld

The Stena Metall Group recycles and processes metals, paper, electronics, and hazardous waste. Our operations also include international trading in steel, metals and oil. The Group offers quality-assured solutions for every industry and sector of society.

Stena Recycling AB is the Group's Swedish recycling company, with almost 100 facilities from Kiruna, in the north, to Trelleborg, in the south. Our goal is to process material into new raw material in the best possible way, contributing to environmental benefits and economic advantages for our customers.

Stena Technoworld recycles electronics, refrigerators, freezers and other white goods. We provide first-class processes and solutions based on state of the art processing. All possible requirements are met at our highly efficient and environmentally sound branches.