Press release Belgium September 2017


Press release in Belgium : EERA has sent out a press release in Belgium to create awareness for the situation in Belgium for recycling of WEEE. The Belgium authorities are considering  to release the mandatory WEEELABEX certification  in (near) future for recyclers of WEEE in Belgium.

This is a giant step backwards, not only because of more transparency, in case the treatment of WEEE complies with European and Belgian legislation, but also because the handling of  electrical and electronic appliances, such as refrigerators, in car shredders, without removing the ozone-depleting gases, will be much more easy the without the obligation to meet the WEEE standards in Belgium.

The press release in the  French and Dutch languages:

Communiqué de presse- Le recul des authorités Belges sur le recyclage d'appareils electriques// Persbericht- Belgische overheden doen een stap terug in het recyclen van elektrische apparaten. 

Please find the press release in the attachment- September 6.