New elected EERA board, Rasmus Bergström (Stena Technoworld) new EERA President

Last Thursday, during the General Assembly the EERA board member elections were held.

The new elected board members are: Rasmus Bergström (Stena Technoworld), Sabine Krattiger (Immark) , Kurt Kyck (KMK metals recycling), Chris Slijkhuis (Müller -Guttenbrunn), Jan Visser (Sims recycling Solutions) and Arjen Wittekoek (Coolrec). Marius Costache  (Green WEEE) remains also in the board, because he was elected in 2016. The board has appointed a new president: Rasmus Bergström (Stena Technoworld Sweden).


EERA secretariat would like to congratulate the new board members and is looking forward to the cooperation. We also would like to thank Jan Visser for his chairmanship of the board and the EERA members who have applied for board position.